Multilayer greenhouse films

  • UV stabilization
  • Increased strength
  • Thickness: 100, 120, 150, 180 microns
  • Width in the spread: 8, 9, 10, 12 m
  • Length of a film in a roll: 25, 33, 50 m
  • Service life: 12 - 60 months
  • For covering large greenhouses
About multilayer greenhouse films

“Planet Plastic” is the first and the only manufacturer in Ukraine of three-layer greenhouse films width 12 m. The range of professional greenhouse films UV2, UV4, UV6, UV10 with the service life for 2, 4, 6, 10 seasons is produced in the form of half-bag, on a unique line, height 24 meters, by a three-layer extrusion method. Professional greenhouse films, produced by the “Planet Plastic”, are used to cover large greenhouses and greeneries. The width of the film allows to cover greenhouse with one canvas up to 600 sq.m. There is no need to dismantle the greenhouse film for the winter, as it is frost resistant.

  • each of the three layers of the film contains the main additive – a light stabilizer, which protects the molecular structure of the product from destruction under the negative influence of the solar ultraviolet radiation
  • a special additive, which enhances film resistance to mechanical damages and prolongs its service life, is injected into the middle layer of the film
  • if requested by the client it is possible to integrate into the film special additives that improve its application properties (AF, AD, IR, AB, LD, etc.)
  • a three-layered film strength is 25-30% higher than a similar single-layer film thickness.
  • increased strength
  • UV resistance
  • optimal level of transparency
  • heat retention in the greenhouse
  • vapor and water resistance
  • steam and water resistance

The service life of polyethylene films is limited due to degradation processes caused by sunlight and heat. A stabilized film is a film to which an ultraviolet stabilizer (UV) has been added. Ultraviolet stabilizers are added to protect the film from excess sunlight and reduce film degradation. The more UV stabilizers are part of the film, the longer its service life.

The film without UV stabilizers will fail in a few months (4-6 months depending on the film thickness). Our stabilized film ST 36 will last you 36 months.

  • Yellow film is a professional greenhouse film of the UV2 series, which will last for 2 seasons, ie 12 months;
  • Green film is a professional greenhouse film of the UV4 series, which will last 4 seasons, ie 24 months;
  • Pink film is a professional greenhouse film of the UV6 series, which will last 6 seasons, ie 36 months;
  • Blue film is a professional greenhouse film UV10, which will last 10 seasons, ie 60 months.

Professional greenhouse films are made of high pressure polyethylene (HTP), by the method of three-layer extrusion, in the format of a sleeve and a half-sleeve. At Planeta Plastik, we use only the most advanced materials supplied by the leading manufacturers of polymers and additives in the industry. We produce our greenhouse film on modern extrusion equipment with fully computerized extruders. The quality of our greenhouse films is based on the company's 17-year experience and know-how in this field. Quality control of finished products is carried out according to international ISO and ASTM methods. All film is made according to GOST 10354-82.

Multilayer greenhouse films are made according to GOST 10354-82, and have the quality certificate. Our polyethylene films meet the requirements of the international ecological criteria according to the scheme according to ISO 14024 and have received the ecological certificate № UA.08.002.515 and the right of application of ecological marking. These are the first and only ecologically certified according to the scheme according to ISO 14024 polyethylene films in Ukraine.

For the consumer it means:

  • Our film is safe for the environment and human health
  • It does not contain toxic, carcinogenic, mutagenic and teratogenic substances.
  • Our polyethylene film does not emit into the environment such dangerous chemicals as formaldehyde, butanol, isobutanol, propanol, isopropanol, acetone.
  • All our products are safe at all stages of the product life cycle - from components to packaging.


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