Silage film

  • UV stabilization
  • Multilayer film
  • increased strength
  • up to 25% lower gas permeability
  • Film thickness: 120-150 microns
  • Film width: 12 m, 16 m, 18 m, 20m
  • Length of a film in a roll: 25, 50 m
  • Lifetime: 24 months
About the film for silage

Three-layer black and white film is used to cover silo pits and trenches. The film provides protection from ultraviolet rays (white layer reflects sunlight, black - absorbs), can be used both for shelter and for lining the bottom and walls of trenches. Planeta Plastik LLC is the only producer of three-layer black-and-white silage film in Ukraine with a width from 12 to 20 meters, which allows covering almost any trench. The film thickness is 120 - 150 microns. which provides reliable protection against mechanical damage.

  • minimizes feed losses;
  • provides reliable shelter and as a result - high-quality forages;
  • facilitates feed procurement process;
  • is convenient and easy to use;
  • guarantees long-term storage of forages thanks to a high degree of impermeability and sealing of material;
  • guaranteed UV protection for 24 months;
  • maximum width: 20 meters;
  • less weight of rolls for ease of installation;
  • more flexible, fits better on the silo and reduces the number of air bags;
  • fully suitable for recycling;
  • long-term storage of feed due to the high degree of impermeability and sealing of the material;
  • preservation of the nutritional value of feed raw materials for a long time.

Special pits, trenches and towers are used to make silage. Pits and trenches are always dug in clay soil and lined with cement so that moisture does not pass through the ground. After filling the storage, the green mass is immediately covered for insulation from air and precipitation. Delay of shelter for 2-3 days increases feed losses by 7-10% due to rot and mold of the upper layers and warming of the whole mass.

The loss of nutrients in the silage 60-70% of the moisture stored in the capital trenches without shelter is 34.9%, with a shelter of straw - 23.5%, earth - 19.0%, film and earth - 12.0 %.

Today, a specialized polyethylene film for ensiling is the best material for covering silage. Earthen cover is also highly efficient, but frozen ground is difficult to remove in winter and requires additional material costs. Shelter of shredded wet straw with subsequent compaction and sowing of cereals does not always give a positive effect. In the absence of moisture, the green carpet dies, and the roots dry up and form channels through which air penetrates, and the silage under the straw deteriorates in the same amount as without shelter.

Oxygen permeability of our silage films is up to 25% lower than that of traditional films. This provides better feed protection and a better end result.

Also, our silage film is slightly softer than traditional film, for easy alignment over the silage.

You can order and buy high-quality silage film from the manufacturer in two ways:

  • Call our export department +38 (044) 229-00-00;
  • Fill out "this short form" on our website;

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