About us

Modern equipment and the best raw materials from world manufacturers - the basis for ensuring the highest quality products.

The polyethylene products factory LLC «Planet Plastic» is a stable company that produces the highest quality polyethylene products. A wide range is able to meet the individual needs of our client. Dynamic development allows us to take a leading position in the markets of Ukraine and abroad.

20 years

we are chosen among others

for impeccable product quality
  • 7 film production lines
  • 6 pipe production lines
  • 2 lines of flexographic printing
  • 2 packing machines
ISO 9001: 2015

Environmental policy
of LLC «Planet Plastic»

The management of LLC «Planet Plastic» is aware of its responsibility to society for ensuring environmental safety, constantly implementing technologies with minimal impact on the environment and makes every effort to improve the effectiveness of environmental activities. The main goal of the company is to produce quality and safe products for the environment and future generations, to achieve a high level of environmental safety, to form a market for products with improved environmental performance and maximum conservation of available resources. To this end, the management of LLC “Planet Plastic” in its activities undertakes to adhere to the basic principles: ensuring activities in accordance with current legislation in the field of environmental protection; rational use of natural resources; taking into account the parameters of the product life cycle, including the development and creation of products with minimal impact on the environment during production and disposal, prevention of negative impacts of production activities and products of the enterprise.

Audit report for 2020

We are transparent and open

Read the independent financial auditor's report.

The audit of the financial statements of “Planeta Plastik” LLC consists of the balance sheet (financial statement) as of December 31, 2020, statement of financial results, statement of cash flows and statement of equity, and notes to the annual financial statements for 2020.

The foundation of corporate policy in the field of quality

Continuous development of staff - increasing their competence and professionalism; meeting the requirements and expectations of our customers and other stakeholders; involvement of staff in the introduction of innovative technologies; management based on risk-oriented thinking; creation of new products; development and investment.


We introduce methods of lean production

We invest in development, technology, innovation