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Every day we create high-quality and innovative polymer products that save resources, are cost-effective and designed optimally for the requirements of each customer. Our products are designed to increase your profits. LLC «Planet Plastic» is a modern solution for your business.

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Sustainable development goals

As a private company, we care about the next generations. We take responsibility for the development of the city and local communities. We care about the well-being of our employees. Thus, sustainable development is a key component of our corporate policy. Our goals are ecology, innovation and social responsibility.

Increasing the level of environmental friendliness of production. Increasing the volume of recycling. Responsible consumption of resources. Thrifty production.
Production of quality and innovative polymer products. Creation of new technologies that increase the profit of our Client. Constant development of the company and increase in production volumes. Decent work and economic growth. Thrifty production. Partnership for sustainable development.
Social responsibility
Decent work and economic growth. Increasing the level of environmental friendliness of production. Support for vulnerable groups. Assistance to orphans.