Pipes for water supply

  • Brand of polyethylene: PE 100
  • Diameter: from 20 to 630 mm
  • Working pressure: from 0.63 to 1.6 MPa
  • Color: black with longitudinal blue stripes
Areas of application
  • Trunk pipelines
  • Pipelines of local significance
  • Pressure sewer systems and slurry pipelines
  • Reclamation systems
About pipes for water supply

Modern engineering structures are almost impossible to imagine without complex water supply systems that supply water to residential, industrial or communal facilities. The main requirements for such systems are their reliability, durability and low cost. All these points are fully met by polyethylene water pipes manufactured by Planeta Plastic.

Planet Plastic Plastic Plant manufactures polyethylene pipes for pressure water supply from low-density polyethylene (HDPE) class PE 100, standard size ratio SDR 26 - SDR 11. Pipes with a diameter of up to 110 mm, are made in bays from 50 to 200 m , pipes with a diameter from 110 to 630 mm, are made in segments 12 m long (or in other segments in coordination with the customer). Pipes have a quality certificate, sanitary and hygienic conclusions and comply with DSTU B B.2.7-151: 2008.

  • plastic pipes have a low price, this guarantees additional profitability of any construction;
  • service life up to 50 years;
  • polyethylene pipes have the increased frost resistance, perfectly maintain action of aggressive chemical compounds;
  • polyethylene pipes are quite light, so when transporting them requires less special equipment for freight;
  • polyethylene pipes are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, not prone to corrosion;
  • the polyethylene pipe with a diameter up to 110 mm is issued in bays to 500 m that allows to reduce number of joints at installation of the pipeline;
  • can be used for trenchless laying of pipelines;
  • polyethylene pipes do not affect the taste and quality of water.

In accordance with DSTU B B.2.7-151: 2008 polyethylene pipes for pressure water supply are made with the mandatory marking, which must contain: trademark or name of the manufacturer; abbreviated name of the material (PE 80, PE 100); standard dimensional ratio (SDR); nominal outer diameter; nominal wall thickness of the pipe; purpose of the pipe (commercial and drinking purpose is denoted by the word "drinking", in other cases - "technical"); maximum working pressure (BAR); designation of the standard; batch number and date of manufacture.

LLC "Planet Plastic" pays great attention to the quality of its products, so the company has a technical control department and its own certified laboratory in which all raw materials and manufactured products are tested.