Greenhouse film "Greens" 12 months

  • UV stabilization
  • ECO certification
  • Made of recycled polyethylene
  • Thickness: from 80 to 150 microns
  • Width in turn: from 3 to 6 m
  • Service life: 12 months
  • Made of recycled polyethylene
  • For greenhouses, hotbeds
About the greenhouse film "Greens" 12 months

Greenhouse film "Greens" is an inexpensive covering material, the optimal solution for the construction of small budget greenhouses or as a second layer of film for greenhouse insulation. Polyethylene film has many properties that make it useful as a coating for greenhouses. Its low cost, large sheet size, easy mounting and good light transmission are properties that have helped to expand its use. So today, about 90% of all greenhouses are covered with film and it is the most common material in the construction of greenhouses.

Given the specifics of the greenhouse, which provides for the cultivation of crops regardless of weather conditions, one of the most popular and popular types of coatings for greenhouses is a film with a light stabilizer. A special substance - a stabilizer, which is added to the layers of the film, makes polyethylene resistant to ultraviolet radiation for a long time. In addition, this additive allows you to form the necessary microclimate in the greenhouse, where the temperature may differ from the environment by 3-5 degrees.

significant reduction in the estimates for the construction of greenhouses, easy and quick assembly of polyethylene film, optimum microclimate in the greenhouse, greenhouses, covered with polyethylene film, can be easily dismantled and installed in another location, if necessary, increased resistance to adverse environmental effects, encourages the forwardness of the crops.

A special agent – the stabilizer that is added to the film composition, makes polyethylene resistant to the effect of ultraviolet radiation over extended periods. Besides, this additive allows the creation in the greenhouse of a necessary microclimate where the temperature may vary from ambient medium by 3-5 degrees.

You can order and buy high-quality greenhouse film from the manufacturer in two ways:

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Terms of payment Cashless payment to the current account of the company.

Delivery. Terms of delivery are agreed separately depending on the size of the order and the country of delivery. Within Ukraine, we deliver by our own freight transport or through a carrier company to any region of Ukraine.

The service life of polyethylene films is limited due to degradation processes caused by sunlight and heat. A stabilized film is a film to which an ultraviolet stabilizer (UV) has been added. Ultraviolet stabilizers are added to protect the film from excess sunlight and reduce film degradation. The more UV stabilizers are part of the film, the longer its service life.

The film without UV stabilizers will fail in a few months (4-6 months depending on the film thickness). Our stabilized Greens film will last you 12 months.

The service life of the film depends on many factors: the quality and technical characteristics of the film, the conditions of its use (area, type of greenhouse, installation, use of agrochemicals) and compliance with the rules of operation of the film during greenhouse construction. Our stabilized Greens film will last you 12 months.

The range of greenhouse films produced by Planeta Plastic LLC includes products with a service life of up to 5 years, which contain special combinations of UV stabilizers and antioxidants that protect the film from the harmful effects of UV light and heat for very long periods. At Planeta Plastik, we use only the most advanced materials supplied by the leading manufacturers of polymers and additives in the industry. We produce our greenhouse film on modern extrusion equipment with fully computerized extruders. The quality of our greenhouse films is based on the company's 17-year experience and know-how in this field. Quality control of finished products is carried out according to international ISO and ASTM methods.

Greenhouse film stabilized by Greens for 2 seasons (12 months) with a service life of up to 12 months, made of recycled high-pressure polyethylene (HTP), single-layer extrusion, in the format of a sleeve and a half-sleeve. The width of the film can be up to 6 meters, thickness - from 80 to 150 microns.

Stabilized greenhouse film Greens is made from recycled polyethylene and has a quality certificate. Modern technology allows the recycling of used polyethylene at such a level that the material becomes usable again. For us, recycling polyethylene is both one of the ways to solve the problem of environmental pollution and one of the principles of the circular economy.

Planet Plastic follows the goals of sustainable development of society and adheres to the principles of the circular economy. In the process of processing, we obtain a secondary granule and, thus, return the polymer to production.

The polyethylene film from Planeta Plastic LLC meets the requirements of the international ecological criteria according to the scheme according to ISO 14024 and has received the ecological certificate № UA.08.002.515 and the right of application of ecological marking. Our films are the first and only ecologically certified according to the scheme according to ISO 14024 polyethylene films in Ukraine.

For the consumer it means:

  • Our film is safe for the environment and human health
  • It does not contain toxic, carcinogenic, mutagenic and teratogenic substances.
  • Our polyethylene film does not emit into the environment such dangerous chemicals as formaldehyde, butanol, isobutanol, propanol, isopropanol, acetone.
  • All our products are safe at all stages of the product life cycle - from components to packaging.


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